• Longshang Village

    Longshang Village belongs to Dongba Town, with a total of 51 households and a population of 141 people. It is located in the vast hilly landform of southern Yaxi Cittaslow.
  • Xiaomao Shanjiao Village

    Xiaomao Shanjiao Village is located in the YouziMountain area, close to theCittaslow South Road, with a total number of 110 households and a population of 254 people. The village is rich in natural resources such as Xiaomao mountain, Qingshan mountain res
  • Slow paradise

    Located in the Yaxi International Cittaslow scenic spot of Gaochun District, NanjingCity, slow paradise is located in the middle of the slow lane from Yaxi tourist center to cultural forest square, and on the side of the small warehouse of Tenglongyuan.
  • Wenfeng Pagoda

    Wenfeng Pagoda was built in the early MingDynasty, then destroyed in the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, and was restored to its original site in October 2012.
  • DaShan Village

    As one of the first model villages of rural tourism in China and a 5-star rural tourism area in Jiangsu Province, Dashan village, under the leadership of the government, is favored by the majority of tourists with its superior geographical location, profo