Cittaslow Administrative Committee
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Gaochun Cittaslow Town Tourism Resort Administrative Committee of Jiangsu Province

  According to the "Proposal on Approving the Establishment of Gaochun District International Economic Management Agency" (No. 34 issued in 2013),Gaochun International Cittaslow Town Working Committee of the Communist Party was established in 2013. According to the "Provisions on the Establishment of Institutions and Personnel in the Main Responsibilities of the International Committee of the Communist Party of China (No.9 issued by Gaochun General Committee Office in 2014) and the "Notice on the Establishment and Administration of Some Provincial Parks" (No.182 issued by Nanjing Establishment Office in 2015), Gaochun International Cittaslow Town Administrative Committee (Working Committee of the Communist Party) was renamed as the Gaochun International Cittaslow Town Tourism Resort Administrative Committee of Jiangsu Province. It is dispatched institution by the Party Committee and government of Gaochun District belonging to the city deputy bureau-level system, bearing the responsibilities of planning, construction and management of Yaxi International Cittaslow Town, Jiangsu Yazi Mountain National Forest Park, Gucheng Lake Tourism Resort, Gaochun Street as well as tourism development management in the whole district.

  The administrative committee involves a General Office, Planning and Construction Office, Ecological Environment Protection Office, Tourism Industry Development Office, Investment Office, and discipline inspection and supervision departments in accordance with the provisions.

  In accordance withthe ideasof developing"big Cittaslow Town", Cittaslow Town Administrative Committee implements a unified leadership on the four centers adhering to the "four reunification" principle, namely: unified publicity, unified planning, unified investment, and unified management. At the same time, the Administrative Committee effectively promotes the integration of the Tourism Bureau of Gaochun District and the Cittaslow Town Administrative Committee, to achieve actual institutional integration, functional integration, people's agreement, receive effect of "1 +1> 2".