Origin of China Cittaslow

The origin of Gaochun International Cittaslow
       In July 2010, Angelo Vasallo, mayor of the Italian city Polica and vice President of International Cittaslow, came to Yaxi and was surprised to see the "Yaxi Ecological Tour", which is surrounded by mountains and water, with birds singing and flowers and lush trees. He thought everything here was in line with the standard of "International Cittaslow". On November 27, 2010, Yaxi Ecological Tour was officially awarded the title of "International Cittaslow" at the International Cittaslow conference held in Scotland. Thus, while most Chinese people are unfamiliar with the concept of "Cittaslow", Yaxi Ecological Tour with good ecological environment protection has become the first "International Cittaslow" in China.

Yaxi Ecological Tour has gained the advantage of being a Cittaslow

1, The most beautiful country coincides with Cittaslow standard 

"Protect and maintain the pure natural environment" is one of the standards of International Cittaslow, and it is an important condition to become an International Cittaslow. Gaochun, known as the most beautiful village along the Yangtze river in China, has the ecological golden ratio of 30% mountains, 20% waters and 50% fields.

2. The green economy coincides with the concept of Cittaslow

Cittaslow does not mean no development. Cittaslow advocates people to maintain the traditional community life and pace, encourages the promotion of ecological industries, and builds a home for sustainable development, which happens to coincide with Gaochun's development philosophy of pursuing "livable city" and planning "green rise". As the first International Cittaslow in China,  Yaxi Ecological Tour has its unique environmental advantages, turning the overgrown hillside into a treasure house of green today, and showing people a unique road of green ecological development.

3. Integration of cultural protection and Cittaslow movement

In Yaxi, the ancient Yongqing temple, the Niugao anti-Jin’s people ruins in Southern Song Dynasty , Liu Bowen led the excavation of the great government to tell visitors a story of the old. There is a Tongluo well can be heard “Wengweng” sounds like a Gone after throwing stones in it, ; There is a stage set up in Guangxu-16-year, and the Zhuangyuan Mountain where Bianhe presented jade. The largest primitive bamboo forest in Nanjing area was planted from Yuan Dynasty. Yaxi Ecological Tour connects the beautiful natural scenery with the cultural landscape, endowing the ecological journey with cultural connotation. You can not only enjoy the gifts of nature, but also experience the gorgeous history and civilization along the way.

Gaochun International Cittaslow's mascot "Aman", a lively and lovely cloud-shaped doll, wearing big sun hat shaped like a snail's shell , comfortable walking in Gaochun’s paths, floating in the lake blue waves, easily through a clear blue sky. The hospitable Aman, stretches out his arms, want to give every guest to Gaochun a big hug, and welcome your arrival. Through the release of the mascot, everyone who comes to Cittaslow will be affected: slow down, feel the nature, and love life.

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