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Gaochun Old Street

Gaochun Old Street is a bright pearl in the ancient streets of China. Old street song dynasty has seen the embryonic form, the Ming and Qing dynasties rely on the Guanxi river water transport convenience, because of the street, gradually prosperous. After more than 500 years, an ancient street with a length of more than 800 meters (originally 1,135 meters) and a width of about 4 meters, with a core area of 7.6 hectares and an area of 1.2 square kilometers, has been preserved as one of the best ancient Ming and Qing dynasties streets in Jiangsu province, a national AAAA level tourist attraction and a provincial cultural relic protection unit. In 2012, Gaochun Old Street was selected as one of the "top 10 famous streets of history and culture".

Gaochun Old Street shows the magnificent ancient architecture art and profound folk culture. The walls are lined with green tiles, the cornices are sharp and graceful, the brick, wood and stone carvings are full of splendor, the carved beams and painted buildings are magnificent, the signboard calligraphy is colorful, and the gable murals are full of fragrance, which have been honored by Chinese and foreign scholars and tourists as "the epitome of Oriental civilization", "the artistic treasure house of ancient architecture", and "the rich mining area of Chinese folk culture". Continuing the primitive texture of the old street, the newly built mando · old street east leisure block integrates catering, inns, bars, coffee, cultural and creative products, etc. The bright lights and flashing neon add a unique charm to the night life of the old street.

Gaochun Old Street is also a revolutionary shrine. During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, commander Chen yi led a detachment of the new fourth army east into the Anti-Japanese War in June 1938 and arrived at Gaochun from southern anhui. His headquarters were located in the ancestral hall of the wu clan in laojie, which was the first stop for the new fourth army to open up the maoshan base area. At that time, full of passion, commander Chen yi wrote the magnificent poem "the first arrival of Gaochun on the eastern crusade". This place melts the ancient architecture art and the revolution memorial significance place has also been listed as the provincial patriotism education base.

[main attractions]

Gaochun intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall, Yang hall, sculpture exhibition hall, guan-wang temple, former site of the office of the new fourth army in Gaochun, wu ancestral hall (former site of the headquarters of the first branch of the new fourth army), Lao jie shufang, Gaochun folk performance hall, former site of Jesus church, Qianlong ancient well.


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[traffic lines]

Bus routes: Nanjing: Nanjing south railway station to the airport line line S1 Xiangyu road on the south station, the integrated line to Gaochun station, a city bus 101, 105 (1), 105 (2) rings, tour to "paichi garden" station 1 road, west to walk 400 meters to the Gaochun old Simon or along the river south road walk 500 meters to the old street east entrance.

Road trip: Nanjing departure -- airport expressway -- 243 provincial road -- ning hi-tech pass -- Gucheng hubei road -- Gucheng huannan road -- chunxing road -- Gaochun Old Street

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