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Qiqiao Ancient Village

Qiaoqiao Ancient Village cultural block is located in the northeast of Gaochun, with a history of more than 2,000 years.

Qiaoqiao is the north gate of GaochunDistrict, JiangsuProvince. It has been a post road from Jinling to Wanling since ancient times. Qiaoqiao has a long history. It was called "Nanling" in ancient times. It is the only route for the post road of ancient Ning State. The post road is the main road of land transportation in ancient China, and it is also one of the important military facilities. It is mainly used for the transmission of military supplies, as well as the transfer of military orders and militarysituation. Since the HanDynasty, theQiqiao has been the only wayfor the ancient post road of Jinling, and it is the key road connecting the south of Jiangsu and the south of Anhui. Since the HanDynasty, in order to avoid the chaos of Wang Mang,PingDang lived here in seclusion and built a wooden bridgeover the Nanling river for the convenience of pedestrians. Later, he painted the bridge, so it was called "Qiqiao". In theSouthernSongDynasty, the Kong family moved here and formed the market street, and then built the ancestral hall, forming a huge system of the Kong family. Now it has become the first village ofKongs in Jiangnan. In recent years, it has been rated as a famous historical and cultural village in China and a traditional village in China. It is the second largest dwelling place for the descendants of Confucius, second only to Qufu in ShandongProvince.

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Self-drive route: Nanjing departure --Get off atNinggao Highway -- Shuangwang Road -- Qiqiao Ancient Village

Bus routes: from Nanjing, take line S1 at Nanjing South Railway Station toXiangyulunan Station, transfer to line S9 to Gaochun station, and take the city bus to line 1

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