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Zhengfu Cottage

The sunlight is getting hotter in the afternoon. A ray of light weaves into a huge tulle, gently wrapping everything on the earth. In this soft light, everything becomes languid.At this moment, drive toYouzi mountain, looking for a hotel to do a leisurely dream, is the most cozy life at the moment. For thousands of years, people in Gaochun would“cry” if they could not see the Youzi mountain. This kind of wandering culturecomplex is deeply rooted in the blood of Gaochun people, and the Youzi mountain is the holy mountain in Gaochun people's mind.

Xiaomao mountain,the aftermath of Maoshan, is also located in Nanjing Gaochun. Zhengfu Cottage contains ancient and modern instruments, includingSong and Mingstyle gardens. Tea, zither and books are friends, it is a piece of Chinese life aesthetics. In the beautiful garden, you can talk about ancient interest, or casual life.

Contact: 025-69776517

Address:No.21, Xiaomaoshanjiao Village, Dongba Town, Gaochun District, Nanjing City

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