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Deban Manor

Located in the 4A-level scenic spot Youzi Mountain National Forest Park in Gaochun district, Deban Manor is backed by Yaxi International Cittaslow. It is the first landmark manor in Gaochun with vacation, health, culture and investment" as its core function.

Here is a resort with green mountains and clear waters:

Deban Manor near the national 4A level scenic area of Youzi Mountain National Forest Park, surrounded by green mountains, densely covered with water, geographical location is advantaged, park forest Xiuzhu, pine wind, water, the shadow of the god of intoxicating Tao. Fly the kite come days at peak heart rate, peep valley forget the economy affairs.

Is also to return to the simplicity of rural rural life:

There are pure natural green ecological vegetable fields in the manor, you can pick the fresh vegetables in the four seasons of the year by yourself, and feel the true state of life and the beauty of nature. Here, we invite you to experience the idyllic country life together.

Here is the interpretation of traditional Chinese culture:

Sinology is the essence of five thousand years of Chinese culture, is the coexistence of a hundred schools of thought like a collection of all rivers. Deban Manor with traditional Chinese culture as the concept of inheritance, here, you can feel the light ink elegant landscape, enjoy the thoughts and talents of the sages.

It is also an extension of the spirit of the new age:

Diligence is half the battle, prudence is half the battle. Diligence is the foundation of business, the new era of Deban people dare to struggle, not afraid of hardship, committed to providing better service for each customer. With the rapid development of the market economy, we have not forgotten our original intention. We insist on the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature to build a healthy life.

The guest rooms

It covers an area of more than 1,000 mu, with a construction area of 26,000 square meters, including guest rooms, suites, villas and cabins. Guest rooms, suites, villas are hui-style architectural style, the overall north and south, according to the mountain side water, decoration, brick, wood, stone carving process, brick carved door cover, carved Windows, carved wooden lattice, columns, so that the whole building as beautiful as poetry. White walls blue tile horse head wall, green water and blue sky, nature and architecture completely integrated. Hui-style architecture pursues the "unity of man and nature" and emphasizes the harmony between man and nature, which is also our understanding of traditional sinology culture. Although the interior design is simple and plain Chinese style, but can let a person feel the strong traditional culture of the national wind, the walls decorated with ink landscape and the overall style complement each other. Standing in the spacious balcony overlooking, the distant green mountains towering, near the small bridge water, at the moment, here is not only the guest room, is a national wind landscape painting, but also the enlightenment of life monastery.

If you want to get close to nature and experience the outdoors, Deban Manor offers you a quiet and elegant ecological cabin. From building materials to furniture are made of logs, bringing you the original ecological experience. The location of the wooden house is also a unique ingenuity, located at the foot of the small MAO mountain, surrounded by bamboo trees and flowers. Live in nature and experience ecology and beauty.

The meeting

We have a professional service team to provide you with one-stop meeting management services. All kinds of meeting rooms are equipped with high-grade audio, microphone, projector, hd LED display screen, air conditioning, a full set of lighting system and other equipment, with the best effect of graphics, pictures, sound and video display, can fully mobilize the perception of the participants, greatly improve the meeting effect, to meet all your needs for a variety of meetings. The venue layout is brief and clear, the decoration is clean and elegant, the piano can be set up to open the concert, put down the curtain immediately into the cinema mode, bring you the supreme meeting experience.

The banquet

The banquet hall of the Dachan manor is located in the deep forest of bamboos, surrounded by lush green and beautiful, which does not give any banquet a dull and boring white space. Panoramic pillar-free design of the small banquet hall with top lighting and sound system and a full set of banquet equipment, we are committed to provide you with better banquet service. The grand banquet hall with 270 degree holographic display screen and naked eye 3D technology stage is the first. The exquisite 3DIMAX modeling materials with different styles and magnificent theme rhythm are combined with the wedding ceremony process. Let the blessing and joy of friends and relatives become forever at this moment, leaving you and your lover unforgettable memories.

Address: 1 Youzi middle road, Youzi Mountain National Forest Park, Gaochun district, Nanjing, China

Telephone: 025-57396777

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