Cittaslow Concept

1. Slow philosophy

A good life means that people enjoy a comfortable and pleasant life in a town with good infrastructure, material conditions and social services.

Slow living means taking your time, being relaxed and graceful, drawing on the knowledge of the past every day, and using it with the technology of the present and the future.

Living and running a Cittaslow is a way of life, not a fashion. This means less fuss, less speed, more humanity, more greenery, and more wisdom for the present and future generations.

Slow for a better life

We've been looking for towns where people are still curious about the past. There are many theaters, squares, cafes, workshops, restaurants and other places that enrich people's spiritual life. With well-preserved historical landscapes and charming craftsmen; With products that truly respect taste, health and customs, people experience the beauty of the four seasons.

That's why slow food has always pursued quality of life, which is a major factor in its success and worldwide adoption. The International Cittaslow network, formed by slow food and cities in pursuit of their ideals, continues to pursue this seemingly Utopian goal in an era of rapid production and speed.

The Cittaslow movement has grown to the point where it connects managers, citizens, and slow food partners with a common goal of sharing experiences in food, revenue, service quality, and the environment.

The ideal state

The Cittaslow movement helps to use technologies that improve environmental quality and urban architecture to protect the production of rare foods with local characteristics, such as wine and tea.

Cittaslow seeks to enhance dialogue and communication between local producers and consumers. The concept of Cittaslow covers environmental protection, promoting sustainable development, improving the quality of life, and encouraging the use of natural and environmentally friendly technologies in food production.

"Cittaslow" will become a symbol of the quality of small communities (communities with less than 50,000 people). Cittaslow is not a capital or regional government, but a strong community that has chosen to improve the quality of life of its residents as its goal.

2. The slow principle

The current theme of Cittaslow is identity, that is, the fusion of the soul of the local community and modernity, without being overly influenced by globalization.

Our responsibility to nature and future generations requires us to be thrifty and pay attention to mother earth. Slow adoption means choosing a quality future for ourselves and others.

We should adhere to sustainability, protect the environment, reduce excessive ecological footprint, rediscover traditional expertise, make full use of resources through recycling and new technologies, and finally achieve the goal of long-term development and harmony among the people.

Support communities that feature local food and crafts. Biodiversity is not limited to nature and seeds. It belongs to language, culture and history.

Cittaslow has food, town squares and local shops that carry environmental, cultural, economic and social values. Only a conscious and educated community would choose a higher quality path like slow to give back to the planet.
Cittaslow for production, trade, consumption to show a new way. Cittaslow educates communities to share social responsibilities and improve the quality of life without giving up social equity and people's unity.

3.Slow is better

We live in an age when a vast amount of information and knowledge can be downloaded from websites at the touch of a hand. However, economic globalization has also been eliminating cultural differences. Carlo Petrini, founder of slow food and the earth mother project, believes that the Internet can be used to benefit small communities through the exchange of experience, culture, best practices and projects. That was the starting point of the Cittaslow league in Orvieto in 1999.

Towns need to maintain their community spirit

All of today's Cittaslow towns may not be perfect, but they are all influenced by slow food, which makes the most of modern technology while maintaining a community spirit. Paolo Saturnini, the former mayor of Greve in Chianti, wants Cittaslow leaders to work with slow food on the ambitious goal of "Cittaslow", though the project is unrealistic in an age of speed. Cittaslow connects managers, citizens, and members who want to share their experiences. It extends from quality food to sustainability, hospitality, and social service. Promote new farming practices and support ethical consumers. The goal of a Cittaslow is to take advantage of the positive aspects of globalization without damaging itself in the face of today's problems, while maintaining the identity and spirit of the community.

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