Slow paradise

New slow paradise is coming soon

Give you a different memory of golden flower festival !

Longlive in the city, and in a hurry,

Often overlook the small details of life

The best time

Doing what I love with the people I love

It's different from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

To Cittaslow

I feel another kind of quiet slow pace of life

Walk the Cittaslow

Time slows me down


Don't chase time, just enjoy time

It is good

To slow down

Find the good in life

Slow down even if it's just a waste of time

Here you can live at your own pace

This is the original intention of Slow paradise

Time is all mine

Slow paradise, slow time

Located in the Yaxi International Cittaslow scenic spot of Gaochun District, NanjingCity, slow paradise is located in the middle of the slow lane from Yaxi tourist center to cultural forest square, and on the side of the small warehouse of Tenglongyuan. It has a peninsula shape, with a large pine forest inside, surrounded by the waters . Water flows around the island, and a small bridge is built over the water. In 2018, Yaxi Cittaslow has created several new secondary experience projects in this area and named them slow paradise. The park begins with a bridge, and ends with a treetop walk, a jungle walk, and a chicken-eating battlefield, all within the pine forest.

PART 1 Jungle Trek

Originating in Europe, jungle trekking is a safe, exciting and stylish pine forest adventure with 47 fun challenges to explore the jungle resort. Use professional crossing equipment to experience the extraordinary feeling of walking through the sky, challenge your physical strength and courage, stimulate your potential, and show your physical strength and courage. Let you in the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the experience of pine forest adventure, in the embrace of green, return to nature at the same time, challenge the limits ofyour soul!

PART 2 Tree-crown Walking

Tree-crown walking is in Yaxi Cittaslow pine island,which is composed of glass and air corridor road, about 8 to 12 meters from the ground, about 228 meterslong, the 130 meters glass corridor into5Dfracture effect,Tree-crown are connected through the platform on the top of trees , the whole road dangling a circle around the island, all the way are through in thetree-crown, the lush leaves, temples across from ear. Walking on the bridge, views of both sides are lush pine, winding around waterway, canfeel freely to contact with nature, enjoy the baptism of negative oxygen ion,  feel the relaxation of the heart. You can also experience the adventure and excitement bring by high technology.

PART 3 Live Counter Strike

Live Counter Strike developed virtual games from online to alive, highly restore the game scene.The reduction of props in the game is as high as 90%. The shooting feeling of water bullet gun is good and real. The project covers an area of 4000 square meters, with elaborate layout, various barriers and bunkers interleaving the Cittaslow toCounter Strike battlefield, so as to stimulate realistic battlefield experience for tourists.

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