Cittaslow Theme Souvenir

The Cittaslow theme souvenirs, make the four elements of Gaochun a creative cartoon design,including Gaochun golden flower, Cittaslow Snail, Gucheng Lake Crab, Gaochun Old Street. Aman is the mascot of the Yaxi International Cittaslow. It is made of eco-friendly materials, light and pleasant, and very affable. Bring Gaochun’s travel memories back to home, it can definitely become a beautiful scenery line around you.

WuchangSeries of T-shirts

180g cotton yarn imported from the United States, ring spun cotton (plain weave), hot stamping and screen printing process.

Wuchang series key chain

TheWuchang pattern is applied to the acrylic key chain, which is packaged with papercards and OPP bags with a sense of design.

Material: diamond version of transparent acrylic

Accessories: silver four-link chain

Custom card packaging: 7*14cm

Specification: 5cm high

Wuchang series ceramic coasters

Scientific and technological products and cultural carriers.

Can decorate, can be practical.

Material: ceramic + natural cork cushion

Process: UV printing

Size: 10.3 * 10.3 * 0.7 cm

Wuchang shoulder bag

Through the ingenious combination ofWuchang andGaochun elements, a unique one-shoulder bag is designed.

Material: 12safe cotton

Size: 29 * 30 * 7 cm

Adjustable length of strap: 50-100cm

Printing process: thermal transfer

Wuchang rubik's cube

It is interesting and innovative to combine theWuchang logo with the logo on educational toys.

Specification: 5.7 * 5.7 cm

Third order rubik's cube packaging: kraft carton packaging

Printing process: thermal transfer

Wuchang series pocket puzzle

This creative puzzle is a pocket puzzle that can be played in the office or during class break.

Specification: 150 pieces

Material: thickened bluecardboard

Finished size: 10*15cm

Single thickness: 2.3mm

Process: sticker stamping process

Wuchang seriesnotebook suit

The design of a complete set of notebooks is based on the combination ofWuchang images and modern buzzwords.

Specification: the A5

Cover material: white paper

Cover printing: color printing

Inside page paper: 80g cream-colored paper

Number of inside pages: 30

Inside style: horizontal line

Binding method: car assembly line

Packing box: waist-sealed OPP bag (set of 5)

Wuchang bottle opener (refrigerator stick)

The refrigerator stick is designed with the function and shape of the bottle opener, which is more portable and practical.

Specification: 3 * 9 cm

Process: metal drop glue process

Packaging: transparent OPP bag

Wuchang pillow series

Pillow size: 40*40cm

Material: encryption grinding

Filler: high quality PP cotton

Packaging: green OPP transparent tote bag

Printing process: digital printing full plate printing

Wuchang series pendant data line

In addition to the charging transfer file, you can also hang the key chain and do the hanging decoration.

Specification: 9.8cm

Data line: 19cm

Box size: 16*10cm


Wuchang fan-shaped bookmark

Fashion fan-shaped bookmarks are created by combiningWuchang images with modern buzzwords.

Fringe length: 8cm

Length of rope head: 5cm

Size: 105 * 50 mm

Material: 300g coated paper with double-sided film

Process: color printing, die-cutting

Wuchang series mobileholder

TheWuchang logo is applied to the simple and practical mobile phone ring bracket, which is equipped with professional packaging.

Material: acrylic (plexiglass) + zinc alloy ring

Size: 50 * 45 mm

Process:HD 3D printing

Slow life series water absorbing ceramic coasters

Technology products, cultural carrier. Can decorate, can be practical.

Material: ceramic + natural cork cushion

Process: UV printing

Size: 10.3 * 10.3 * 0.7 cm

Slow life series pillow quilt

Throw pillow + siesta quilt

Unzipping the pillow along the zipper is an economical and practical siesta device.

Folding size of the pillow: 40*40cm

Slow life series bunched canvas bags

Simple backpack, especially suitable for children.

Printed logo+ slow element design,use paper tube package.

Slow life series "one sideCittaslow" silk scarves

Size: 100% mulberry silk

Specification: 150 * 5 cm

Usage: headdress, scarf, bag

Slow life series mobile phone sachets bracket

Tosupportmobile, dupont paper color printing, waterproof tear not rotten, lavender fragrance.

Slow life series dual-use umbrella

(sunshade +rain) dual-use umbrella

Umbrella surface with logo and snail element design, delicate and practical.

Material: bump cloth + vinyl

Printing process: screen printing

Specification: eight-bone umbrella stand

Diameter under umbrella: 102cm

Slow life series metal business neutral pen

Metal texture neutral pen with high - grade gift box packaging.

Material: metal shell

Process: laser engraving

Pen size: 14cm*1cm

Box size: 18cm*5cm

Slow life series key chain

Apply the Oman image to the acrylic key chain, and pack it with papercards and OPP bags.

Material: diamond version of transparent acrylic

Accessories: silver four-link chain

Customized card paper packaging 7*14cm

Specification: 5cm high

Slow life seriesInternationalCittaslow postcards

The beautiful scenery ofCittaslow is made into postcards for tourists to commemorate and collect

Slow life series -Cittaslow international stamp album

Produce a beautiful stamp album of Cittaslow scenery ,it isvery collectible.

Slow life series mini portable charger

Simple and beautiful, easy to carry mini charger.

Specification: 2.1a quick charge, large capacity of 10400 ma

Size: 76 * 79 * 23 mm

Slow life series car ceramic pendant

The image ofAman is applied on delicate ceramic pendant, very exquisite.

Slow life series woodenUSB flash drive

The snail element is applied to the woodenUSB flash disk, with creative texture.

Material: walnut

Read speed: USB2.0

Memory: 16GB

Specification: rotatingUSB flash disk (length: 6.3cm* width: 2.2cm* height: 1.3cm)

Wooden box :(length 7.9cm* width 4.9cm* height 2.5cm)

Slow life series car line small Ben

Handy little notebook for easytaking notes.

Slow life ties

TheCittaslow element is applied to the exquisite ties with high density yarn-dyed jacquard technology from South Korea.

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