Cittaslow Academy

Walking along theHongyun Corridor, you will smell the fresh airprovided by nature, flowing with a clear stream of scrolls, which is the fragrance ofCittaslow academy, the first academy inGaochun. The design ofCittaslow academy is unique. This forest library, which is a perfect collision between simplicity and modernity, will bring you unexpected surprises!

From a distance, the wall of stones, the gate of logs, the ivy clinging to the white walls, the branches of the luxuriant pine trees protrude over the courtyard wall. Under the sunlight, through the shade of trees, you can vaguely see the verdure of the courtyard inside the low wall.At this moment, we might as wellwalk into this chic and elegant mid hill small courtyard together, sit on the wooden table and chairwith wheels, nest on a comfortable sofa, brew a pot of tea, order a cup of coffee, hold an idle book, lie to listen to wind and rain, let time flow slowly.

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