Spring•The Cole Flowers Tourism Festival of International Cittaslow in Gaochun

The Cole Flowers Tourism Festival of International Cittaslow in Gaochun is held fromMarch toMay every year. At this time, Gaochun is golden everywhere, climb a high view, ten thousand acres of goldencole flower sea, and tea garden, bamboo forest, wheat fields set off. During theCole Flowers Tourism Festival, visitors can take part in the tent conference, enjoy the romantic outdoor music festival and bonfire party. You can experience slow cycling and get acquainted with the natural landscape of Cittaslow Town.You can use the camera to record the beautiful scenery of the sea of flowers, the humanities; You can take pictures in the fields ofcole flowersby holding a cow; Go to Wujiazui agricultural science and technology park to appreciate tropical plants and flowers, go to Xuecheng ruins park to enjoy the national beauty of ten thousand peonies;Go to tea garden picking tea,dig the wild vegetables in the field and pick the strawberries; Go fishing in the mountain village or learn to do handmade tofu, come to the pottery garden, experience DIY pottery can also enjoy the famous live painting porcelain performance, enjoy the countryside fun.

The best viewing point for spring golden cole flowers: Yaxi Cittaslow

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