Winter•New Year Culture Festival

TheGaochun New Year Culture Festival is held from the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month to the Spring Festival, mainly featuring themed activities such asthe New Year Carnival,theSpring Festival customcollection,and the Dashan Long Street Banquet and so on. During the festival period,Gaochun hasa special annual exhibition of local products, and variousslow-food franchise stores, and farmhouses topromote authentic slow-food. There are Chinese New Year Lantern Festival,folklore show, "Huan Tuan,Cake, Candy,Paper-cut" and other traditional crafts live production performance, and "Temple FairFolk Stage" by turns performance offolklore show. Major scenic spots will also launch a series ofannual fun activities, inviting tourists to experience farming and make New Year’s goods, so that visitors who have lived in cities for a long time can feel the full flavor of Spring Festival.

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