Gaochun Classic Tourist Routes

Route 1: Ecological sightseeing through the night

Day 1: Stay in Gaochun

DAY 2: GaochunInternational Cittaslow --YouziMountainNationalForestPark,Santiao Ridge scenic spot

DAY 3: Gucheng Lake tourism resort -- GaochunOldStreet

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Cittaslow refers to a kind of city form that slows down the pace of life and enjoys a leisurely life with pure ecological health as the theme. GaochunInternational Cittaslow is a slow life tourist destination integrating the ecological resources of the hills, integrating ecological sightseeing, agricultural experience and leisure vacation.

Gucheng Lake tourism resort is a recreational lakeside living holiday destination integrating ecological tourism, science education, and leisure vacation featuring "water paradise, holiday resort, livable home, leisure park, and ecological base".

Santiao Ridge scenic spot, located in YouziMountainNationalForestPark,is the shooting spot of  - 10,000 acres of tea garden, taking theancient boatship road.

Gaochun Old Street is a bright pearl of China's oldstreet, began to take shape intheSongDynasty, it is now one of the best preserved Ming and Qing old streets in Jiangsu province, and one of the country's top 10 historical and cultural street.

Line 2: Classic blessing line

9:00 YouziMountainNationalForestPark

Lunch: Youzi Mountain Zhenwu Temple vegetarian food buffet

13:30 GaochunInternational Cittaslow

[reasons for recommendation]

YouziMountainNationalForestPark is a national 4A-level scenic spot with beautiful environment and a collection of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. There is the Wensheng Temple representing Confucianism and the Zhenwu Temple representing Taoism. Legend has it that more than 2,000 years ago, Confucius crossed the Yangtze River to the south, passed the state of Chu and the state of Wu, and climbed the mountain. He was deeply moved by the beauty of the mountains and the conflicts between the state of Wu and the state of Chu. Later generations in order to commemorate the saint, they named the mountain Youzi Mountain, and in the mountain temple temple carved a monument.

GaochunInternational Cittaslow is a tourist resort integrating ecological resources of the hills and integrating ecological sightseeing, leisure and entertainment. Cittaslow has the golden ratio of "three mountains, two rivers and five fields", where mountains, water, villages and forests are integrated into one. Spring here is full of large fields ofcole flowers, is a golden sea.

Vegetarian food, using local seasonal vegetables and fruits as raw materials,is a refined production. Inheriting the vegetarian food in the temple,doesnotcontainmeatand fish,and it is all vegetarian,whichreflects the return to nature, return to thesimplicity.

Line 3: Red tourist route

Morning: GaochunOldStreet - the formersite of theheadquarters of theNewFourthArmy, the former site of the NewFourthArmyOfficein Gaochun, Gaochun district party member's political life hall

Afternoon:Xishe "RedFort" ofYouziMountain martyrs' cemetery

[reasons for recommendation]

Gaochun is a place with a strong red culture. In 2017, the organization department of Gaochun District focused on launching a special line of "one library and more bases" for party spirit education. On November 7, 2019, the red culture line of GaochunInternational Cittaslow was officially opened, and the first season of the red culture search activity of GaochunInternational Cittaslow was also kicked off.

The activity centers around the theme of party andleague learning and red education and training, adding innovation, coordination, openness, sharing and other elements, and carrying out a red classic route integrating tourism, red teaching and team building for party members and cadres. We will integrate theinheritance of revolutionary tradition,the promotion ofred culture,the improvement ofcharactercultivation, andthe shaping ofteam spirit, so that party members in the new era can stay ahead of the times, stay true to their original aspiration, and remain advanced forever.

Line 4: Study line

Location: Gucheng lake Tourism Resort

Morning:Gather atGucheng lake Tourism Resort andsign in, getmission Cards, set up a team andhavean animal interaction class, observe the shape and structure of several groups of animals, understand their living habits, and make simple classification according to the main characteristics of animals.

Noon: start your food tour

Afternoon: interactive game:learnthe history of the earth, visit the animal kitchen, introduce the animal foodbythe professional feederto understand the zoo feed selection, preservation, processing purposes and scientific principles.

Closing camp: sharing and summing up the eternal moment to draw a complete end to the journey of study.

[reasons for recommendation]

1. Students can form their curiosity about nature and their interest in exploring the animal world through theme activities, and have certain problem awareness and problem-solving ability;

2. Able to explore the mysteries of the animal world by means of observation and investigation; Ability to collaborate with others or conduct basic research independently;

3. To understand the harmonious relationship between animals and human beings; Help to form a correct view of nature, values.

Route 5: classic crab tour

09:00-11:30: Tour [Gucheng lake Tourism Resort]

11:30-12:30: Crab feast [Hubian Renjia restaurant]

13:00-14:30: Visit [Gucheng lake crab breeding base]

14:30-16:30: Tour [GaochunOldStreet]

[reasons for recommendation]

Gucheng lake crab, has the first national Yangtze river series Chinese eriocheir crab stock farm, the first national Chinese eriocheir crab standardized production comprehensive demonstration zone,"the first national organic crab certification "and "the first national crab ecological breeding standard". Since its establishment in 2001, GuchengLake brand has been recognized asChina Protected Geographical Indication ProductbyAQSIQ in 2007, and as a well-known trademark of China bySAIC in 2009. In the early years of the republic of China,Shi Jinmo, one of the four famous doctors in Beijing, once compared the Gucheng Lake crab to a champion in the first rank of the crab.

Crab feast,Jiangnan crabs are fat in autumn,other dishes taste light when crabs are served on table. Go on a crab date and open up our taste budsadventure.

Gucheng lake crab breeding base, ecological breeding, science and technology breeding. Observe and understand crabsinhabiting, crawling, foraging, moltingin clean water; They ate small fish, snails, corn, and wheat; Aquaculture technologycooperates withthe agricultural university of the aquatic research institute to detect no residue.High-quality hairy crabs can also be purchased after the visit.

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