Cittaslow & Gaochun Old Street One-day Tour

I. Scenic spots introduction

[Gaochun International Cittaslow] The firstInternational Cittaslow in China, a national 4A-class scenic spot, Gaochun has always been famous for its slow pace of life. It is a tourist resort integrating ecological sightseeing, leisure and entertainment with hilly ecological resources. Cittaslow has scenery in four seasons and flowers in three seasons. It has the golden ratio of "three mountains, two rivers and five fields". Mountains, waters, villages and forests areintegrated. Here can let a person return to nature, relax body and mind, fully enjoy the fun brought by slow life.

[Gaochun Old Street] national 4A scenic spot, known as "the first Old street ofJinling" Gaochun Old Street has a history of more than 900 years since the Song Dynasty. Gaochun Old Street flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, emper or Qianlong once called here "famous Jiangnan" when he went to Jiangnan. It is the best preserved ancient architectural complex in east China and the best preserved ancient street in Ming andQingDynasties inJiangsu, with a total length of more than 800 meters.

II. Schedule

7:00 gather and go happily.

9:00 arrive atGaochun InternationalCittaslow VisitorCenter, transfer to the scenic spot. You can get off here to experience theTree-crown Walking.

10:00 continue to take the sightseeing busand get off at Wenhualin Square, walk to the land ofJinhua,see the sea of cole flower, orychophragmus violaceus and other scenic spots. Take pictures inTaohuashan Square orCittaslow lawn.

11:30 go to theDashan Village, enjoy the most beautiful rural scenery, taste theCittaslow slow life, enjoy the authentic farmhouseflavor.

13:30 take the sightseeing bus back

14:30 arrive Gaochun Old Street, tour the Old street of Ming and Qing Dynasties, taste the localspecial snacks, experience the simplicity and quiet.

16:00 Gatherand enjoy your return journey.

III. Features of the trip

1.10,000 acres of cole flowers

Gaochun InternationalCittaslow has flowers in three seasons and scenery in four. Every spring, the hills and fields here will be covered withcole flowers. At this time, theCittaslow is a golden sea, known as "the most beautifulcole flower resort in east China".

2. Beautiful Dashan Village

TheDashan Village is located between two mountains,surrounded by mountains and water,withbeautiful scenery. With its excellent geographical location, profound historical and cultural background and hui-style architecture, it is one of the first "rural tourism vacation model villages" inGaochun.

3.Tree-crown Walking

The Tree-crown Walking consists of a glass corridor and an aerial walkway. It is the first "Tree-crown Walking" in east China. It is about 8-12 meters above the ground and 228 meters in the whole journey, and the 130 meters glass corridor into 5D fracture effect.

Tree-crown are connected through the platform on the top of trees, the whole road dangling a circle around the island, all the way through the canopy,the lush leaves pass over the ears and temples, walking on the bridge, on both sides of the views of the lush pine, winding around waterway, can feel freely to contact with nature, enjoy the baptism of negative oxygen ion, feelthe relaxation of the heart; You can also experience the adventure and excitement bring by high technology.

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