Cittaslow Blessing One-day Tour

I.Scenic spots introduction

[Gaochun International Cittaslow] The first International Cittaslow in China, a national 4A-class scenic spot, Gaochun has always been famous for its slow pace of life. It is a tourist resort integrating ecological sightseeing, leisure and entertainment with hilly ecological resources.Cittaslow has scenery in four seasons and flowers in three seasons. It has the golden ratio of "three mountains, two rivers and five fields". Mountains, waters, villages and forests are allintegrated. Here can let a person return to nature, relax body and mind, fully enjoy the fun brought by slow life.

[Youzi Mountain National Forest Park] National 4A level scenic spot, beautiful environment, a collection of cultural landscape, the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture. There is theWensheng Temple representing Confucianism and the Zhenwu Temple representing Taoism. Legend has it that more than 2,000 years ago, Confucius crossed the Yangtze River to the south, passed the state of Chu and the state of Wu, and climbed the mountain. He was deeply moved by the beauty of the mountains and the conflicts between the state of Wu and the state of Chu. Later generations in order to commemorate the saint, they named the mountain Youzi Mountain, and in the mountain temple carved a monument.

[Zhenru Zen Temple] Zhenru Zen Temple is located inYouzi MountainNationalForestPark. Zhenru Zen Temple covers an area of 100acres. The door of the temple is inlaid with the words "ZhenruZen Temple", written byZhaoPuchu, President of theBuddhist association of China. In the temple, a gold amitabha Buddha is 21 meters high and weighs nearly 1,000 tons. It can be called the largest stone in east China.

[Blessing Garden]Blessing Garden is located in the core scenic area ofYouzi MountainNationalForestPark. It takes the historical context of the top ofDayouMountain and the "Youzi" cultural landscape as the theme. There are theWensheng Temple,ZhenwuTemple,LingguanTemple, bell tower, drum tower, wooden pavilion and other buildings, which further enrich the cultural connotation ofYouzi Mountain and highlight the religious features, so as to meet the needs of tourists to climb the mountain for blessing.

II. Schedule

7:00 gather and go happily

9:00 Arrive atYouzi MountainNationalForestPark,ZhenruZen Temple orBlessing Garden (option one)Start a journey of blessing.

Lunch:Youzi MountainZhenwu Temple vegetarian food buffet/InternationalCittaslow Dashan villagefarmhouse

13:30 arrive atGaochun InternationalCittaslow VisitorCenter, then transfer to the scenic spot. You can get off here to experience the Tree-crown Walking.

14:30 at the end of the tour, continue to take the sightseeing busand get off at Wen Hualin Square, walk to the land ofJinhua,see the sea of cole flower, orychophragmus violaceus and other scenic spots. Take pictures inTao Huashan Square orCittaslow lawn.

15:30 go to the Dashan Village, enjoy the most beautiful rural scenery, taste theCittaslow slow life.

16:00 return by sightseeing bus.

16:00 Gather and enjoy your return journey

III. Features of the trip

1.10,000acres ofcole flowers

Gaochun InternationalCittaslow has flowers in three seasons and scenery in four. Every spring, the hills and fields here will be covered withcole flowers. At this time, theCittaslow is a golden sea, known as "the most beautifulcole flower resort in east China".

2. Prayat Youzi Mountain

A pair of longevity bowls and chopsticks will be presented as a blessing line. If you go to the peak of Clifford garden, you can participate in the opening ceremony of the longevity bowl and chopsticks. Lunch is optional (buffet)

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