Pine Pillow Hotel

Pine Pillow Hotel was officially opened on August 1, 2016. Pine Pillow Hotel  is located in Yaxi Town,Gaochun District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is the first place to be awarded the title of Cittaslow in China. The hotel is located in a quiet pine forest on the mountain, also you can overlook the moonlight reflected in the lake. The area around the hotel is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. On the ecological road that stretches for 50 kilometers,the road lined with apricot flower forest, bamboo, hills, rivers, vineyards and pearly lakes. For a long time, Yaxi maintain self-sufficiency in agriculture, so that the landscape here to maintain the quiet Jiangnan water village style .

Pine Pillow Hotel has a unique leisure atmosphere, and Gaochun has a long history of cultural heritage. Hotel design is also unique. It has 19 independent wooden villas, independent outdoor viewing balcony can give you a lazy afternoon tea, transparent bedroom ceiling can view the stars, independent bathroom is also the best choice to enjoy life,  in the yoga room can enjoy the lake scenery while loosen body and mind to relieve pressure and close to nature. The friends who like sports can go to feel the tranquility and freshness of Gaochun, sweat profusely in the gym near the lake.

Pine Pillow Hotel, adhering to the essence of Gaochun, is committed to building the most distinctive cabin leisure resort hotel in Jiangsu Province into the national first-class characteristic resort hotel.  The connotation of Cittaslow represents taste. Eat slowly, work safely, and pass the day uneventfully. In a fast-paced city, you need to live slowly to ease your mental fatigue.Gaochun is also a fashionable definition of elitist life, and leisure has always been a symbol of the upper class through the ages. As the pioneer of a kind of modern life, slow life is still an elitist ideal, which appears after luxury. In Pine Pillow Hotel, you can fell the cozy and quiet Jiangnan life style.

Adhering to the doctrine of Gaochun, Pine Pillow Hotel will set up a new standard for Nanjing's ecological luxury resort and leisure with its unique wooden villa and unique scenic resources of Gaochun.

[Listen to the waves on the pillow, the moon will make the pine forest clean]: Pine Pillow Hotel scattered in the mountains of the 19 wooden houses are divided into Mu house(for one-family), Lin house (for two-families ), Sen house (for three-families) series. Mu house is exquisite, Lin house is graceful, Sen house is majestic. In the house, you can see full of pine and lush greenery.  Also more foils the quiet Gaochun scenery and the mountain life of the simple fashion. Pine Pillow housekeeper has been waiting here for a long time, looking forward to your arrival.

Food and beverage [taste Gaochun, quiet Gaochun] : Gaochun since ancient times also known as Chunxi, from the name seems to have a puzzle with water,born near the water and live by the water.  Gaochun is rich in water resources and aquatic products. Gaochun Shuibaxian--8 aquatic plants in Gucheng Lake also fully reflects Gaochun food and water have an indissoluble bond. The ancient people said:Mandarin fish matures when the peach blossoms are in full bloom. Distinguished guests come when spring breeze. The mandarin fish is expensive, so it is for the distinguished ones. The small yellow mandarin fish, which more than 100 grams, is the most fresh and tender one to be steamed. "No meat makes one thin, no bamboo makes one mediocre. If one want neither mediocre nor thin, wish every day bamboo shoots roast meat. " In the spring of Gaochun, bamboo shoots are everywhere in the local people's domestic pork cook-and-bake. It can be said that the spring bamboo shoots bring out the best in each other. The autumn wind rings, crabs become fat and tasteful in September and October.Accompanied by the autumn wind, play in Gaochun, taste the crab, is the best choice for autumn travel. Tasteful Gaochun, quiet Gaochun, there are always some taste that people can not forget.

Conference [ The empty mountain cannot see people, but the words are heard.]: Pine Pillow Hotel is far away from the hustle and bustle, but it is very close to the connotation of Gaochun. The ancients had a saying:Cicada’s noise makes the forest seems more quiet, the crows of birds makes the mountain more peaceful.The empty mountain cannot see people, but the words are heard.The conference room of Pine Pillow Hotel is built near the lake, with moonlight & lake view, and you can see the green pine and cypress trees. Here is far away from the impetuous, thoughts come up just like spring waters,and you can suddenly see the light. It is the most appropriate place for elite from all walks of life to carry out a small meeting throw universe.

Sport and fitness.[The mountains and rivers are beautiful, but unfortunately I am not a local.]:Meet yoga, you can experience happiness. Maybe at the next corner, you will meet the most beautiful yourself. Yoga, begin from the inhalation and end in exhalation. This is a process, but also a reincarnation, find happiness in yoga, find peace in yoga. Not confused with the school, not used in asanas, not confused in the heart, yoga is a kind of practice, here, we wanton enjoy the joy of yoga. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, but unfortunately I am not a local. Cycling may be the best way to experience the sights of quiet Gaochun. Walking is too slow,while driving is too fast to see the scenery flashed by, the bicycle speed is the most appropriate and the most free. Enjoy the freedom of cycling, enjoy the joy of cycling, enjoy the sun, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Entertainment[The scenery is as beautiful as a dream, tourism in Gaochun is a pleasure.]:In the poetry landscape of Gaochun, in the rural quiet Gaochun,Pine Pillow is under the pines and cypresses. Meet different you at here, meet your reserved introverted, meet your enthusiasm unrestrained. In the lakeside teahouse, daisies witness your polite and gentle, in the KTV tits witness your hysteria, in the snooker table squirrels witness your physical aesthetics. Here the laughter accompanied by the fragrance of tea found the long expected quiet and serene heart, found the reluctantly friendship and love.

Telephone: 025-57826777

Address: no. 150, Houyaodang, Yaodang Village, Yaxi Town, Gaochun District

Driving route: east route of inner ring road -- airport connection line -- Nanjing Airport expressway -- Ningxuan expressway -- Shuangwang road -- S246 -- Yanyang line -- Nanjing Pine Pillow Hotel

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