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Wujiazui Tropical Style Valley

Wujiazui Tropical Style Valley scenic area is located in Dongba Town of Gaochun District, founded in 2008, with the core area of 6000 acres. It is an urban leisure agriculture complex integrating science and technology agriculture, agricultural science popularization, agricultural experience, ecological sightseeing, rural vacation and business meeting. It has successively won the national five-star leisure agriculture scenic spot, four-star rural tourism area of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu youth science education base and other honors.

The projects in the scenic spot are rich and colorful: two tropical botanical halls, each covering an area of 16,800 square meters, restore the most colorful tropical botanical garden and the rose manor, forming a sea of roses. Plants maze is the most challenging maze with plants as the theme in the province, Wax-apple pavilion is Nanjing first wax-apple planting base, Beancurd Mill issimple and solemn, youth comprehensive experience area is achildren's recreational amusement project integratingsports, amusement, expand training. 100000 square metersof intelligent temperature controlled vegetable production greenhouse plant a variety of fruits and vegetables available for visitorsto pick. The implementation of other supporting facilities in the scenic area is also very perfect. In order to meet the needs of tourists and business people, Wujiazui Tropical Style Valley has built a training center hotel and an ecological waterscape restaurant in the scenic area, which can provide tourists with accommodation, catering, meeting and other services.

Tel: 025-57345677

Self-drive route: Nanjing departure --Ninggao Highway --Shuangwang Road --Wujiazui Agricultural Science and Technology Park

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