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  Gaochun District is located in the south of Nanjing, known as the back garden and south gate of Nanjing.

  Gaochun District has natural mountains and lakes, which is the typical ecological characteristicsof citiesalong the south of Yangtze River. The terrain is generally high on the east and low on the west, and the landform is divided into two types: low hills and plain polder area. The east of Gaochun is the meandering low mountains and hills; the west is the boundless lake plain, surrounded by the GuchengLake and Shijiu Lake with concentrated waternetworks.

  Aviation: 30 minutes away from Nanjing Lukou Airport.

  Railway (Light Rail): 45 minutes awayfrom the high-speed Nanjing South Railway Station, Ningbo-GaochunLight Rail is opening at the end of 2018; Jiangsu-Anhui-Jiangxi railway is planning to be built in 2018.

  Expressway: Ningbo-Gaochun Expressway connects or interconnects with Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway, accessing to Shanghai by 3 hours, Hangzhou by 2 hours, Nanjing city by 1 hour.