Concept of Cittaslow Town
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Concepts of Cittaslow

1. Philosophy of Slow

  Good living means having the opportunity of enjoying good infrastructures, material conditions and social services that allow citizens to live their town in an easy and pleasant way.

Living slow means taking one’s time and live leisurely and comfortably, digest rich knowledge from the past days and make the best of the knowledge with technologies in the present and in the future. This provide possibilities for technological development, is good for strengthening communication, improving transportation, increasing income , production and sales.

2. slow-down principles

⑴ the theme of Cittaslow Town is specialties: that is the emerge of local community soul and modernity without over-effected globalization.

⑵ responsibility to the nature and off-springs for us to be frugality and pay great attention to the land.

⑶ adhering to sustainability, environmental protection to reduce overmuch ecological footprints requires us to find traditional expert skills. And by recycling and taking full advantages of new-tech to use resources to realize long-term development and harmonious aims.

⑷support characteristic district of local food and handcrafts.

⑸Cittaslow Town is filled with food ,town squares and local shops with environment, culture, economy and social values.

⑹ Cittaslow Town is a new way for production, trading and comsuption.


Slow-down is for bettering

  The era of our life, is a time when abundant information and knowledge could be downloaded by only one click from the web. While, economical globalization is always eliminating cultural gaps. Slow food organization and the founder Carlo Petrini of mother earth project believe that by using networks for experiences, cultures, excellent practices and program exchange activities, well-being could be made for communities. This is the start for Orvieto to found Cittaslow Town alliance in 1999.