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Origin of Cittaslow Town

Cittaslow Town is originated from slow food movement. In 1986, an Italian journalist who is famous for radicalism was strolling in Piazza di Spagna( an Italian square) of Rome, at that moment he was disgust by smells of chips from Mcdonald's nearby. Then Carlo decided to launch slow food movement, a movement initiating a food return for health, nutrition of local plants and cooking.

Yaxi international Cittaslow Town is named as”Yaxi Eco-Tour” in the past. Located in Gaochun district of Nanjing,China, it covers an area of 50 m2, it is a comprehensive tourist sightseeing spot incorporating sightseeing and leisure vacation formed by hills and ecological agriculture, achieving National agricultural tourism demonstration site, national  AAAA Tourist Attraction, Jiangsuprovincial resort area, provincial ecological demonstration site, provincial AAAAcountryside tourist area and provincial self-driving travel base. On 27th, Oct.,2010, Yaxi Eco-Tour was famed by CittaslowInternational , becoming the first international CittaslowTown in China.

Logo for Cittaslow Town

The logo for Cittaslow Town is “ an orange snail with a crown of modern and historical buildings”, words of” Cittaslow Rete Internazionale delle città del buon vivere”(Cittaslow Town, super life city international network) is on the crow. “Cittaslow” ,a fixed part, can not been interpreted into other language.