Delicious Food

Gaochun Gift


Slowly Enjoy

Spade in the shoulder lead one back to Ming and Qing Dynasty
Wandering in the last generation
Smokes from the kitchen at the entrance of the village is from the stocked soup of last year
A new pair of swallow are coming to the nest in the eave.

Entering into Yaxi
I decide to slow down

The winding mountain is like waving road assembling a ribbon
Trees are varied without high length and flowers blossom not quite often blooming
The field is covered with rich grains
Bamboos are too rich and green enough to cover the village.

Emerged into Yaxi
I decide to slow down

The outside world is full of noises
The pace of the modern city is fast
Pains are remained after ups and downs
Seeking fame and grain remains nothing

To let morning dews from mountains to clean your heart
Listen to croaks from ponds to dream sweetly

To know about Yaxi
I decide to slow down

slow down, to let your pace to slow
slow down, to let your thinking slow
slow down, to let your worries become memory
slow down, to put fashion at the outside of the mountain
slow down, to collect dignity to take care of your life
slow down, to get close to the nature to enjoy
slow down, to read desk books
slow down, to taste dishes in your dish
slow down, to taste the tea in your cup

Enjoy Yaxi
I decide to slow down

Do not to compare with the higher and do not to worship in short period
Keep away from scene of debauchery with little applause and cheers
Advance comes from retreat, hurry comes from tardiness

Accompanied with Yaxi
I decide to slow down

Slowing down does not mean to depress and Slowing down is not sluggish
Slowing down is the calm from calm person
Slowing down is a release from the person with ups and downs
Slowing down is a gasp after seeding
Slowing down is waiting before harvest

Entering Yaxi
I decide to slow down.