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Baosheng Temple Pagoda

It is said that Baosheng Temple Pagoda was built in the second year ofEastern Wu Chiwu (in year 239 ) and islocated in the eastern suburb of Gaochun County. It is one of the two square pagodas with the longest history preserved in our province (the other one is the square pagoda of Changshu Chongjiao Temple). It is a cultural relic protection unit of Jiangsu Province and a landmark building of the ancient city of Gaochun.

The tower is shaped like a square and hasseven levels, with a brick and wood structure and a total height of 33.5 meters. Peopleenter into the park to stand under the tower looking up to the tower, only to see the cornices covering the sun,  towerspire standing straight, straight into the sky. Each layer wing Angle hangs the copper bell, the bell is like the sound of knock of jade pendant, when the sound is in the ear, the person is enchanted. It is said that the wind chimes of the pagoda are ringingon the basis of people, lost man hears it, hasthe mixed feelings,and stopsevil; Wise people listen it, walk towards the good,andcherish the time. Climbthe ladder to the top room, looking out the Windows, Chunxi ancient town road is dense as the cobwebs, the high buildings are standing in the urban area, which is athriving scene. South Gucheng and North Shijiu are shimmering, Hua Mountain and Youzi Mountain by the lake are beautiful, the scenery in the east is also vivid.See the view from the top of the mountain, feel open-minded, the artistic conception is boundless.

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