Longshang Village

Longshang Village belongs to Dongba Town, with a total of 51 households and a population of 141 people. It is located in the vast hilly landform of southern Yaxi Cittaslow. Surrounded by tea gardens, trees and ponds, the farm houses arranged according to the terrain, with obvious original ecological environment and mountain features. The trees in the village are green, houses are gray walls and black tiles, and the old buildings are primitive simplicity, like a secluded and quiet "paradise".

Longshang Village gives full play to its good agricultural foundation and ecological environment, makes use of the tourist advantage from Yaxi Cittaslow, creates agricultural sightseeing spots, and actively develops rural tourism. We should develop rural tourism by maintaining the village water system, making full use of the idle houses of many farmers, and setting up villages in accordance with the mountain pattern. The village promote the culture of pottery and bamboo artwork by planting rural living, cultural and creative arts, and sightseeing experience. Strengthen modern smart tea garden and ecological organic rice planting, build smart tea garden demonstration base and tea art cultural and creative base, and upgrade 12,000 mu of farmland in surrounding Qingshan Village and Youzi Village through the improvement of farmland quality, so as to build ecological and organic rice fields, where tourists can participate in planting and harvesting, rent farmland, and enjoy self-growing rice. Tea garden planting and cultivating new type of professional farmers, and promote the wisdom tourism "Internet+" tea industry promotion, both special brigade, tea culture exhibition, culture and creative art base, promote the development of production, the tertiary industry interaction, achieve organic combination of modern agriculture and the tertiary industry, and makes the natural slow life, to revitalize rural energy and rich farmers' income.

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