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Convention of Chinese Citizen’s Civilized Behavior in Domestic Traveling

Building civilized and harmony tourist environment has a direct bearing on the every tourist’s fundamental interests. It is our obligation to make civilization visitors, please observe the following conventions: 
1. Please maintain the environmental sanitation. No spitting, no gum and no littering. Don't smoke except in designated areas.  
2. Observe public order. Don't yell or shout out loud. Always join a public queue for good order. Don't walk abreast on a sidewalk. Don't talk loudly in public.  
3. Protect the ecological environment. Do not trample in the grassland, pick the flowers and fruits, and do not chase, catch, beat or feed the animals.  
4.  Protect the cultural relics and historic sites. Do not scrawl or engrave on the cultural relics. Do not climb on or touch the relics. Please take photos according to the regulations.  
5.  Cherish the public accommodations. Do not defile or damage the appliances in the hotel. Do not gaining petty advantages. Do not waste the food and please save the water and electric.  
6.  Respect the rights of other people. Do not force to have photo with foreign guests. Do not sneeze against anyone. Do not occupy public facilities for a ling time. Respect service person’s work and religion customs of every nations.  
7.  Be courtesy. Dress clean and decent and do not bare breast in public. Treat the old and the disabled and ladies with comity. Do not slang.  
8.  Take part in healthy entertainments. Say no to feudal superstitious activities. Stay away from pornography, gambling and drugs.