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Youzi Mountain Forest Park

  Youzishan National Forest Park is now the national AAAA tourist attractionswithbeautiful mountains and rivers, lush forests, forest coverage rate as high as 86% ,which includesYazi Mountain, Santiao ridge, Hua Montain, Xiu Mountain, with a total area of 3678.3 hectares.

  Youzi Mountain National Forest Park has historical landscape of large span, from the Neolithic period extended to the Republic of China. Vicissitudes of life in the mountainsinterpretedby thousands years of culture, Yazi Mountain has won historians’ reputation of"Yazi Mountain, millennium tour history".

  Thebeautiful YouziMountain is the green pearl in the south of Yangtze River. Youzi Mountain mainlyincludes meandering DayouMountain, XiayouMountain, Hua Mountain, SantiaoRidge. DayouMountain and XiayouMountain are iconic peaks in the park, two mountains stands straight constituting a beautiful shape. Youzi Mountain is elegant and high, and therefore known as "Bestmountainwith favourable geographical conditions of Gaochun". It is also the highest position of Gaochun.

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