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Qiqiao Ancient Village

Qiqiao ancient village, located in the northeast of Gaochun, has a profound historical and cultural background, has more than 2000 years of history.

I ao is the north gate of Gaochun district, Jiangsu province, from ancient times to the ancient road of Jinling to wanling. Lacquer bridge has a long history, known as " Nanling ", the ancient ningguo road must be through the land. The post road, the main channel of land transportation in ancient China, is also one of the important military facilities, mainly for the transmission of military supplies and military supplies and the transmission of military orders. Lacquer bridge from the Han dynasty is the essential part of the ancient road of Jinling, is the main road connecting southern Jiangsu and southern Anhui. Since the Han dynasty, as a retreat from Wang mang's confusion, it is a place for the construction of a wooden bridge in the Nanling river, which is convenient for the people to contact, and after painting the bridge, it is called " paint bridge ". In the southern song dynasty, the Hole moved to this place, cast into the market streets, and then Hole built the ancestral hall, forming a huge Hole system. Now became the first village of Hole in the south of the Yangtze river. In recent years, it has been named as the Chinese history and culture village, the Chinese traditional village, is the second largest place of residence after the Confucius descendants in qufu in Shandong province.

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