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Tourism Hotline:+86-25-57336156

Ticket Information

1.Ecological Journey in Yaxi AAAA

The first one international Cittaslow Town in China

National agricultural tourism demonstration zone

Entrance ticket: None

Separate attraction: RMB 20 for Wenfeng Towel

Tour bus: RMB 10/Per head/Per range

Address: No.6, Ecological Road, Yaxi Town

Tel:025-56861235    025-56862732

2. Gaochun Ancient Street  AAAA

Best ancient street in Jinling

Entrance ticket: None

Separate attraction joint ticket: RMB 60

Address: No.1, Zhongshan Street, Chunxi Town


3. Youzi Mountain AAAA

National forest park

Entrance ticket: None

Separate attraction joint ticket: None

Address: No.6, Huanshan Road, Youzi Mountain, Dongba Town

Tel: 025-57398586

4. Gucheng Lake Aquatic Cittaslow Town

Entrance ticket: RMB 80

Tour bus RMB 10 per person, ticket holder only in the park; Sightseeing boat RMB 20/Per time

Address: No.9, Yinghu Road, Yangjiang Town

Tel: 025-68765036

5、Yinlin Ecological Agricultural Park AA

National demonstration spot for leisure agriculture and rural tourism

Entrance ticket: None

Amusement park ticket: RMB 30

Address: Qingshan section, Wutai Highway, Dongba Town

Tel: 025-57831777

6、Gaochun Pottery

National demonstration spot for industrial tourism

Entrance ticket: RMB 30

Address: No.8, Jingshan Road, Economic development zone

Tel: 025-57889515

7、Qiqiao Ancient Village

Famous historical and cultural village in China

Entrance ticket: None

Address: Qiqiao village, Qiqiao Town

Tel: 025-57850037

8、Wujiazui Tropical Styled Valley

Entrance ticket: RMB 80

Tour bus: RMB 10/Per person

Address: Southeast side of Youzi Mountain Scenic Zone, Dongba Town


9、Gaochun Museum

Opening hour:

Closed every Monday(Except for statutory holidays)

Tuesday to Sunday : 09:00~11:30AM, stop taking ticket at 11:00

                     14:00~16:30PM,stop taking ticket at 16:00

Address: No.7-1,Hunan Road, Shijiu,Chunxi Town